How I feel about a Big Trouble in Little China remake

I'm going to admit, when I first saw news that Dwayne Johnson was in the planning stages of remaking Big Trouble in Little China I instantly didn't like it. We've had how many remakes, reboots, and the like recently? It's like Hollywood is 'oh hey it's been thirty years let's go strip mine the 80's.'

Then I got to thinking on the whole mess. John Carpenter and Kurt Russel have been contacted, at least according to the different news outlets that follow these things. Things made now based on what came out then have worked in the past (I'm a minority here but i liked the reboot of Robocop, and Tron Legacy.)

That said I'd seen an idea for a sequel that could work, especially given how long it's been.

So what's the problem if it's just in the planning stages, the rock himself clearly can do comedic acting and can not take himself so seriously that his characters need to be the invincible untouchable hero that never needs bailing out? For m I think it's just weariness. Sure the original isn't good by martial arts movie standards, but it's a fun movie that didn't get a lot of love at the time and it's you want to do something with it now when the caste is either too old to do anything or outright dead? Still, it could work so long as they don't try to make it too gritty, and especially if it's more continuation than reboot. The Rock as a trucker buddy that'd kept in touch with Burton, or possibly a neighborhood friend that stepped in when the triads show up to kidnap Burton, or possibly even something stranger.

Point is, right now it's still in the planning stages and the Rock is a big enough dork that he'll sit and do a cheeseball B movie and has enough personal money and connections to maybe make it a good one that's fun to watch.

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