Two Months with my Tablet Back

It's been roughly two months since I'd gotten my tablet working, so I figure a status update is in order.

Recently reinstalled a bits and pieces in progress build of cyanogenmod/lineage OS 14.1 that is a combination of both plus stock android, and the screen defaults. Being upside down. This is annoying since Aldiko, Reddit, and a few other apps don't care what the current rotation is they have this one true view of how the thing should orient and that's that.

So why not go back to an older version that isn't such a pileup?

Cm12 was apparently a bit of a mess, laggy and slow.

Cm11 worked fine but the xposed framework didn't work on it, which annoys me because gravitybox, notification editing, autocorrect no matter the app,and a bunch of other things are so beyond handy to have I wish it were baked into stock android.

Cm 10.1/10.2 are nice, but apps are starting to have android 4.4 as their bare minamum, meaning CM11.

Currently CM/Lineage 14.1 for nook HD does not have xposed. This is mostly because android 7.1 is still very new. I'm hoping the builds continue to improve and lineage becomes a stable daily driver. Granted it is still somewhat surprising the nook HD is getting even these unofficial builds given it wasn't terribly popular to begin with and it's from 2012 to boot (five year old tablet in an ecosystem driven by yearly or bi-yearly hardware refreshes.)

It's got chips and cracks in the casing but it works, it does what I want, and the charger still works even though it is literally held together by painter's tape (cheap China made knockoff adaptor given the nook uses a proprietary thirty pin cable... That uses probably the same four wires USB does. I o not like the state of my charger. Unless there is a way to replace the port with a micro USB and micro HDMI ports? It's staying though.

Would I recommend picking up the Nook HD in 2017? No. Even if you can find one cheap there is the charging cable issue, which is a shame because it's comfortable to hold and could probably be gotten for $30 off eBay.

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