While I'm sure my co-contributors have their own links they would like to share I've decided to donate a great majority of my bookmarks to this blog. What's not listed here is probably in my blogroll, and if it's not in either it's probably because I hadn't gotten 'round to adding it quite yet.
- Andrew

Forums and Communities

Brass Goggles Forum - Community that has sprung up around the Brass Goggles steampunk blog. Discusses everything from relevant themed  fiction, to prop making, clothing, mannerisms, art, to the more metaphysical discussions of Victorian-esque attitudes and culture. Also happens to be one of the most well-mannered communities I've stumbled across in my time on the internet.

Heresy Online - Likely the largest Warhammer 40000 fan community out there.

Reboot CC -Strange that a show that's been off the air for years now would have
it's own fan community? Hardly.

Tron Sector - Tron has a following? Yep! This site has been around since before Tron Legecy started getting promoted. It's been around since before the Tron 2.0 game(s). Not sure what they talked about before then because Tron came out the year I was born and Disney didn't really do all that much with it, but if it's out there these people probably know about it, or could find out in a hurry.

Unfiction Forums - All those strange games that blend elements from the internet, real life events, and the occasional  bit of real news? Sure they generally are there to promote a product, but often times the games cause quite a following. Some even require a large number of people all working \at once to solve puzzles that get spit out. This is where you go to find that crowd. Be warned. It can get a little strange.



Armor Games - While Newgrounds is one of the better, if not the best, known portal sites for All Things Flash it has a slight problem of not family friendly advertising. Armor games, while lacking the flash movie and audio that Newground has, offers quality games for anyoen that has
anywhere from ten minutes to a week's time to kill. Many of the better ones are very fun and very addictive.

Guncho - Take the genre of games infocom made famous and allow users to access that sort of game online. Now give game-designers the ability to create puzzles that require more than one player to solve. Add a dedicated community that churns out new and updated content for all manner of games to be played under this platform and a programming language that's dead simple to learn so the barrier for entry is nonexistent and you get something that's not going to appeal to many people. Of course I happen to be part of the minority that loves the idea.

Super Mario Crossover - Flash based game that takes the original Super Mario game and lets you play through with a number of other classic gaming characters. That description doesn't give the game anything approaching it's due, so please. Check it out.

- Tribes 2 is nolonger supported by Sierra and hasn't been for years now. A group of dedicated fans that had enough know-how managed to find a way to bring online-play back to this old favorite of mine. It's not perfect and the community isn't as large as I'd like, but because of this I can strap in any time I want and make with the blowing up, or more often the getting blown up while keeping stuff working. Contains a download link for the entire game legally for free.


DwarfDorf Fortress -  I don't play this for the simple fact it's highly addictive. How? I'm not really sure since it's CPU intensive, graphically nonexistaint (it uses ASCII for 'graphics... and only now are tilesets starting to get complete enough to use.) Maybe it's because the dwarves themselves are drunken retarded badasses. When they arne't killing themselves through childish mistakes they are surviving against litterally impossible odds.

Exosyphen Studios - Little Romanian game studio that focuses primarily on hacker sim games. We're not talking real-life computer exploits. Think more a recreation of what Jeff Goldbloom does in Independance Day with his macbook. Well made, great support, and their games work
under Linux.

FreeDroid RPG - Ever play Diablo? Think Diablo open sourced. The story is kinda meh since it tries beating the 'closed source is bad m'kay' drum through your skull, but it's addictive... once you get past the lower levels and can get some equipment that lets you survive longer than ten minutes.

Inform 7- This is what people use to write games for Gauncho to serve up. It also does excellent things for offline only gaming. Granted it's all text, and you need another program to play the output file (actually you don't, not necessarily, but I would recommend a dedicated player anyhow.) Yet it's one of those toolkit programs that has made game creation, if not easy, much simpler than it used to be.

POWDER - Rougelike game that's been ported to many different platforms. I'm not just talking mac or linux. I'm talking the DS, Gameboy Advance, GPX2, Wiz, and unless I'm mistaken the Pandora has a port already.

 - Mario style gameplay with an open source engine and a built in level editor plus enough extra twists and differences to keep it from feeling unique. A few rough patches on sound effects, but overal well worth grabbing. Did I mention it's free?

Streets of Rage Remake - A game that pays homage to the famous Sega MegaDrive/Genesis saga, aiming to keep the same gameplay and spirit from the 2nd and 3rd installments with some touches from the 1st one. It includes new music, locations, enemies, moves, graphical effects, a parallel plot and a lot more features. Plus the graphics and sound have been overhauled so the whole thing looks almost like it came off a Neo Geo arcade machine. Very well done and there's been good press over the years about it.

Zelda Classic - What first started as an attempt to simply play the original Legend of Zelda on the PC without resorting to emulation has spun off into a way to make, and play, any number of custom quests... several being good enough to be professional games in their own right. Only real negative I have is that it takes years for any version to make it out of beta, which gets annoying but oh well.

Stuff that fits no Other Category

AVGN - The Nerd looks back at all those horrible games of yesteryear and makes fun of them so you don't have to. Also makes some surprising seeming jabs at venerated titles that have serioulsy mangly issues such as Castlevania 2, Metal Gear, Double Dragon 3, and he's even reviewed Superman for the N64. Contains adult language, occasional violence, and in general isn't safe for work. Absolutely Epic and Hilarious.

Baen Free Library - With all the rattling on and on about the evils of file trading and copyright abuses and all sorts of other stuff I applaud Baen for doing this. Any author that writes for them has the option of allowing any part of their published material to go here to be freely downloaded for public consumption. All works here are still under copyright and anyone participating has the option of removing their works at any time for any reason. Included on the library's homepage is an explanation in far more detail and greater depth than I could ever manage.

National Novel Writing Month -Write a novel in one month? Nevermind quality or consistency. Editing comes later. November, for these guys, is dedicated purely to getting that first draft worked on. Insane? Definitely. However I've participated three different years and have enjoyed myself each time.

The Onion - Satire of pretty much... everything commercial and political. Always good for a laugh.

Project Gutenberg - An attempt that's been going on since the mid-nineties to catalog and make avalible every single piece of public domain writing. Contains classics such as Dante, HG Wells's entire catalog of material, Bram Stoker's works, Milton's poetry, and much more. Much MUCH more. I salute them for their efforts.

Wiki Sites

Battlestar Wiki - The Reboot of the Galactica franchise. Original series. Even that God-Aweful spinoff/continuation Battlestar 1980. If it has to do with Cylons and the fleet fleeing from them it's covered here somewhere.

BYOAC Wiki  - More Resources and information for building your very own arcade machine than anywhere else I've found on the web.

Doom Wiki - This game's older than my stepbrother and it's still getting fresh user content. You'll learn a great deal here about Doom, the games that used it's engine, tools to create maps and content with, and even a few tidbits on the history that's build up around this granddady of modern shooters.

Lexicanum - All things Warhammer 40000 can be found here. If you can't find what you're looking for here then you're either not trying hard enough, or it hasn't been covered. Site not affiliated with Games Workshop.

ReBoot Wikia - It all started with a saterday morning cartoon about a Guardian named Bob stuffed in a computer called Mainframe. From there the franchise has webcomics, Games, and all sorts of other tidbits. There's even information about the attempt at restarting the franchise here, what little information there is anyway.

Terminator Wikia - Covers the comics, movies, action figures, TV series, the ride, and unless I'm wrong some of the more noteable fan works get mention too.

TF2 Wiki - Team Fortress 2. Valve's Juggernaut in the FPS genra. There's nine classes each with its own weapons, tactics, and whatnot in addition to spinoff comics,trading cards, and community made stuff. It's a good bit of stuff to go through and It. Is. AWESOME!

Tribes 2 Wiki - Yea yea, ten year old game that sees practically zero attention and requires a user-crafted kludge to get online. It's the FPS I started with, and even though I don't play all that often or was ever really that good it's one of those special games.

TV Tropes - Goes into more depth than can be considered healthy for all the patterns, tendencies, mechanisms, and other goodies for... Anything and Everything that has a story attached to it from Comics and Anime, to Real Life, Mythology, and. Yea you get the picture right? It is also a Timesink to end all Timesinks where you can lose hours of otherwise productive time or somehow wind up  clicking through a list of all the Awesome that has happened in the Dreasden Files at two in the morning. I know this because I've done it. Not proud, but I will be honest. Having said that it is a really great resource for anyone wanting examples of stuff they either want to put in their own works, or avoid like the black death. Oh and they have a thriving community (that I have never tried getting involved with for the sake of what little productivity that hasn't yet been killed off.)